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오늘 편집장은 여러분에게 코스콤 블록 체인 의 게시물을 몇 편 제공하였는데, 이 게시물들은 정기적으로 코스콤 블록 체인 을 업데이트하여 내용의 신선함과 다양성을 유지하여 사용자들이 지속적으로 다른 스타일의 게시물을 즐길 수 있도록 합니다

KOSCOM, a financial IT company backed by the Korea Exchange, is actively involved in blockchain technology development. Here are some of their notable blockchain initiatives:

  1. Stock-based Loan Service: KOSCOM has launched its first blockchain platform-based business model, which is a stock-based loan service. Utilizing blockchain technology is expected to improve the transparency and reliability of the capital market, reduce costs, and prevent data spill, excess fee charging, and unreasonable business practices​​.

  2. Unlisted Stocks Trading Platform: KOSCOM partnered with IXV Labs to promote a consulting service for startup founders, which will be used for KOSCOM’s blockchain-based unlisted stock trading platform called Be My Unicorn (BMU). This initiative aims to revitalize BMU to accelerate the startup ecosystem​​.

  3. Blockchain Solution for Unlisted Securities: On August 6th, KOSCOM announced it would be working with five companies to develop a blockchain solution for unlisted securities. This development is part of their effort to create more efficient and secure systems for financial transactions​​.

KOSCOM's involvement in blockchain technology demonstrates their commitment to enhancing the efficiency and security of financial transactions in the capital market.